About Tony the Brit

I’ll make this quick because I want to get started on the content! I’m a British Nerd living in the US. Specifically (at the time of writing) in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I like it here well enough and I have some of the greatest friends I could ask for within summoning distance. It’s a shame I can’t get all my other friends and family here too, but that’s what Facebook is for right?

I’m an author. So far my published works are limited to the blog articles I’ve written for Don’t Hate the Geek. But I’m also trying to take back more time to write my own stories. Currently I have two books I’m trying to write. A fantasy story called ‘The City of Gate‘, based on a Facebook RPG group I run with the same name, and a Sci-fi tale currently titled ‘Hermes‘, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’ll keep it as.

I’ll be using this blog to write about nerdy stuff, work through ideas for my stories, and occasionally publish articles that Don’t Hate the Geek have rejected. You’ll also see posts about other projects I’m involved with, such as The Masquerade Podcast that I co-host with my friend Bumble. Please don’t be shy about giving feedback. I may not use all your suggestions, but I enjoy any opportunity for nerdy conversation. True


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