I wanted to welcome everyone who followed this blog in the last two to three days. This blog, my writing archive, doesn’t get many updates. I mostly use it for holding on to work I’ve written electronically, but isn’t finished or is part of a larger project. Still, there’s some good stuff here.

My main blog is AntonyMCopeland.me, which is also a wordpress site. As you can see by following the link, I update it far more regularly. There’s even a tab dedicated to the Hermes925 story, a sample of which I posted on this site.

The barfight scene is one of the first ideas I came up with for the story, back when the working title was ‘Avalon’. Originally the protagonist had been the elf, outsmarting a local barfly who thought his ‘tank’ was invincible. It’s more fun this way and illustrates the relationship, the enmity, between Jaime and Psiman much better.

I’m only two more entries away from catching the main plot up to the barfight. One of which is already drafted. Go to AntonyMCopeland.me and hover over the Hermes925 tab to see the story so far. While you’re at it please check out my general articles under the ‘blog of indefinite purpose‘ tab, and give the page a follow.

As always I appreciate any comments and feedback. Thank you all and have a great day. 🙂


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