For I while now I’ve been running a game on Facebook called The City of Gate. You should follow the link and join in. It’s fun keeping the story going while reacting to whatever unexpected stuff that the players throw at me. While coming up with non-player characters and figuring out how they fit into the overarching plot I came up with I ended up with a collection of journal entries and letters written by the npcs. I called this collection ‘The City of Gate: Chronicles’ and had been considering trying to publish the collection as a book.

You can see the collection by following this link, or going to the files tab on the City of Gate Facebook Group.

I think the collection works well if you’re deep into the backstory of the game, but taken on their own, there’s not enough context to make it a complete book. With that in mind I started writing episodic posts into a Facebook fanpage for the City of Gate book. What I’m thinking of doing is interspersing the Chronicles with the backstory ‘verses’. If I like the result I’ll re-launch my page on to try and raise the money to get it published. What do you guys think?



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