So far so good

I enjoy writing articles for Don’t Hate the Geek. I had originally planned to publish a copy of each article here, so that I could keep and online portfolio of everything that gets published. However, it was made clear that having the same article in more than one location would dilute the search results and result in fewer people visiting the version hosted by DHTG.

The last week of April I noticed that I wasn’t getting any writing done after work. So I switched to late shifts this month. I’m only 2 days in and I’m already feeling much better about how my writing output. I didn’t actually submit an article this morning, but I got 2 in yesterday, and actually got a little further with my creative writing.

I have a few creative writing projects at the moment, most of which have reached a point where I don’t know where to go from here. My sci-fi story, about a ship that has to take care of itself after the crew dies, hit a wall a while ago. I wasn’t sure how a major, but so far background, character would react to meeting the ship. I decided to go back and write some of his story, so that I know what brought him to this point. It feels good to have the story moving again. More on that another time.

This is also the first month living without my girlfriend (ex girlfriend) and her 16 year old daughter. The apartment is blissfully free of distractions and clutter, besides those I make myself. My new roommate is awesome. He’s already demonstrated that he’s much cleaner and more considerate than those I had been living with before.

So, life is pretty good right now. 🙂


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