Taking the first step…

…on a grand adventure.

‘Don’t Hate the Geek’ recently offered me the chance to become a contributor. I’m very excited by this, but I feel a little like Samwise Gamgee leaving the Shire.

This is it, the furthest I have ever traveled on my writing path. So far all of the writing I’ve done has been close to home, where I feel safe. It’s been nice filling notepads with half written stories and disembodied ideas, creating worlds with like-minded people, and even putting some of my writing online, and tell everyone that someday I’m going to be a famous author. It’s time to stop talking and start doing. I’m excited to start taking riskier steps, through unexplored territory. I’m feeling foolish and inexperienced, yet thrilled, as I watch the treeline for bandits, wild beasts, and interesting side-paths.

I’m writing this just to swish the air with practice swings of my pen. I’ve not been asked too, I just wanted to express my gratitude that have been granted this opportunity, this excuse, to get out there and show the world what I can do. I’m the new apprentice, a trainee adventurer, feeling awkward in armor I inexpertly made myself, but not for long. I can feel in my bones that this experience will be fantastic. I’ll make new allies and overcome obstacles, challenges and monstrous conditions that I never knew I could. This will make better a better, faster stronger writer, and be a lot of fun too.

An ex would say “people die on adventures”, and maybe my writing career will falter, and I will find myself struggling to continue. If I don’t pull through, at least I will have tried. So here I go, taking the first step away from the comfortable and homely, and head out on my journey towards a life I can be proud of. Besides, you can’t level up without gaining experience. By the time I’m defeated and forced to give in, I might already be considered a legend, and legends never die. Even if I’m devoured, it’ll make one hell of a story.

Thank you to everyone who’s helped me prepare for this, and to ‘Don’t Hate the Geek’ for giving me a chance. I’m very excited about being involved, and seeing what challenges lie ahead.


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